a step on the north coast (series of 5)



Mornings on the path to watergate are accompanied by the pure blue horizon unfaltering. Fresh sun and the white wash of new wave after new wave that will carry on all day. The wind picks up and rattles through the long grass and wild flowers. It pushes against the cliff face and stone. Slowly chiseling away at it's face. Each step full of intent.

Afternoons on the path are clear and still. The wind more a soft breeze and the land soaks in the warmth of the sun. The water still rushes to and fro and each ripple reflects the high sky above it. The ground is warm and meets the air in the middle. Each step full of ease.

Evenings on the path are deeper. The air can whip around and the darkened clouds can put a prickle in the wind. The navy air shines down on darkened water. The stones resting and the flowers sleeping. Pushing through the darkness. Each step is full of care. 

The colour changes, but the path stays the same.

- written by Louisa Farely


ink and mixed media on canvas
66x66cm - framed in natural white wood with a matt finish

currently on show at Create Cornwall