Bryce Canyon - Lulu Farley


Amongst the deep and flattened blue
It seems so juxtaposed
By lilted red and yellow too
And rolling tumbles grow

The elemental differences
Are technically stark
But I do not know what difference is
When blanketed by dark

The stones and sky sit comfortably
Next to one another
With dusty dirt so certainly
With rain becomes its brother

Look up and see a sphinx ahead
Looming and then go
Down a weaving road of red
A deserted crescendo 

Then sunburnt mud begins to crack 
Gives birth to darkened clay
A castle towers piggy back
And thus a desert day

Poem by Lulu Farley made in response to the paintings in my solo show Daniel Raphael In London this month. 

Painting in image ‘Wall of windows, Bryce Canyon’ acrylic on board, 21x29.5cm