Death Valley - Lulu Farley

282ft below sea Level, Bad Water Basin, CA (paintings by Victoria young Jamieson collaboration with poetry by Lulu Farley)

Look upon a scene of death 
On blue that seems to sway
Amidst the roots of dusty mud
That ripple out like waves

Each one then weaving down a line
Of bodies on the ground
Leading to a crest of blue
Where it proceeds to drown

The ground begins to slip away
But carry on it must
Another wading stone then goes
And floats away in dust

By Lulu Farley - in response to the works created for exhibition 'sunburnt mud begins to crack' 

13th June – Saturday 7th July 2018

online catalogue 

*Click here for 'Sunburnt Mud Begins to Crack' online catalogue*

(Image captured: 282ft below sea Level, Bad Water Basin, CA 102x76cm, Ink and mixed media on canvas, 2018)