Yosemite - Lulu Farley


Each foreboding shadowed stone
A face just like a reef
Next to a sky of losing blue 
And wading sand beneath

The creamy hues of pink and white
Lead one to believe
Of smooth and velvet land it be 
And one of great reprieve

But alas this land remains
One so unforgiving 
One finds their fate no matter how
Hard they pray for sinning

For here it’s the blonde ground afoot
The rushing waterfall
A gust of wind and thunder clap
That are the local drawl

By Lulu Farley - in response to the works created for exhibition 'sunburnt mud begins to crack' 

13th June – Saturday 7th July 2018

online catalogue 

*Click here for 'Sunburnt Mud Begins to Crack' online catalogue*

(Image captured: The Creamy Hues of Pink and White 41 x 41cm, Acrylic on Board, 2018)