Collaboration with Lulu Farley

dust settled, victoria young jamieson louisa farley

Dust Settled

I close my eyes and I can see the morning sun.
In the same hemisphere but a different atmosphere.
The shades of blue that normally fill my eyes have been replaced with the fire and heat of American desert air.
Reds and yellows and oranges I have seen before but never known.
The exposure to the thick air allows me to be engulfed with the desert dust.
Not dissimilar from the dust that settles on my window sill at home, except this has ignited itself to burn to become a free moving orange earth that settles on every surface and every crevice. 

Exposure to the landscape has allowed me to know the colours and let them come naturally.
My southern introduction to the new fire element has allowed me to experiment with new materials and new processes of thinking about colour.
I close my eyes and paint from memory.
I see the bright lights and fluorescent pigments that dot the American landscape.
Deep reds and pinks and oranges reflect of the sunburnt sand. 

I am influenced by what I see.
I was previously daunted by these same pinks and reds, but as the desert dust settles around me, I understand them now.  

Lulu Farley

Collaboration for the series of works created by Victoria from her experiences in North America. Read more here