These ambitious paintings are the result of an intensive period of making - focussing on accumulated memories, references and sketches made during a two month expedition to the West Coast of America. In this series, Young Jamieson is deliberately transferring her gaze away from the sea (a consistent and engrained source of inspiration and energy) to focus on a very different set of perspectives as she recalls the blue skies and arid heat of the American Mid-West and the breathtaking mountains, creeks and canyons of Yosemite National Park.Vivid, earthy colours and solid, rocky skylines reveal an intense connection to these newly observed terrains and they have clearly provided a wealth of visual stimuli for an artist who consciously connects so deeply with her environmental surroundings. Young Jamieson’s paintings are an intimate journal, redolent of poignant experiences in spectacular places.- Words by Lucy Ward, 2018

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